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, pittsburgh, louisville and detroit. a wintry mix in northern minnesota and wisconsin. >> 58 in minneapolis. 68 in detroit 80s from new orleans to atlanta. and in the northern rockies, 70s to the central plains. >> it's the first day of fall. >> it is. a little crisp out there. >> summer is officially gone. >>> when we come back, for some bernie madoff victims, the check really is in the mail. >>> then, the simmering labor problems at american airlines is starting to boil over. passengers are feeling it. >>> and later, a shuttle salute. gabby giffords and mark kelly with a last glimpse of "endeavour." anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get mary
back you guys up all the way! >> there you go. >>> the a's rolling in detroit, okay? they had lost the first two games. bring up the tiger highlights. that's how the a's make them dress, as wrestlers. nobody hurt, nobody embarrassed. the a's have a 4-3 lead. here committee a's today! george doing his business. final score was 12-4. so the a's and baltimore now tied atop the wildcard. if the season ended right now, they'd both be in. angels 4.5 back. washington and cincinnati clinched playoff berths tonight. >>> the alex smith story, he suffered a laceration on his nose sliding sunday night against detroit. the official blew it. he was too busy calling a holding penalty. but he was bloodied up. nice baby face had a mark on it! smith talking about his nose. >> i felt pretty good coming into this game, except for the nose. >> is it sore? >> pretty cosmetic . not too bad. just kind of a surface thing. it's tough for me to look any tougher, but i guess this helps. [ laughter ] >> i detect all media laughs. and i think, pam , i think that was anne kelly. she has a high laugh. [ laughter
in the playoff race. beating detroit in detroit. not the strong suit of this highlight. scoring all away from first and is 3-2 tigers. this will be all tied at three. four three oakland up. driving the ball off. they are coming to score, oakliand wins 12-4. even with the win tonight it looks like the race for the division title was 13 games less to play. the wild card has plenty of drama. o's and a's on top. the top team well as well -- will host the game. the washington nationals clinched their post-season spot tonight. paul kruger returned to full participation after missing all of last week. bernard pollard suffered bruised ribs last week. new england likes to play aggressive at the line of scrimmage. >> the guys are allowed to jam you and they can grab and hold you. that is what you do. we've played some contact. that is our philosophy and will work this week. this comes to buying pressure. this comes to buying pressure. >> sticker but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. fou
in the case of former detroit mayor kwame kilpatrick. joseph field plead guilty yesterday to one count of running a theft ring. and michelle obama is in maryland today campaigning for her husband. later on tonight she'll be at a fundraiser at a private home. >>> the orioles are trying to generate postseason excitement. starting today there will be rallies at various stops. those end october 2nd. >>> today the president will designate a national monument in colorado, holding significance to native american tribes. colorado members of congress have tried since 2009 to get the rock established as a monument. >>> the penalty you'll have to pay if you don't have health insurance by 2016 is now beginning to be higher than initially expected. under the affordable care act, americans must be insured by 2014. if not, you have to pay up. in 2014, it would be no more than 1% of your income or $285 per family, whichever is greater. but the penalty will rise by 2016, jumping to 2.5% or $2,000 per family. >>> 25% of baltimore makes less than 11,000-dollar a year. individuals have a higher percentage
, showers, buffalo, pittsburgh, louisville, detroit. wintry mix this evening in northern minnesota and wisconsin. >> it's louisville. >> there you go. >> 68 in detroit. 78 in baltimore. headed next week with my girlfriend. >> 80 in new orleans. >> new orleans. >> all right. >> marine experts in massachusetts have a very big job on their hand and we do mean gigantic. take a look at this enormous creature, washed ashore in cape cod, a rare leatherback sea turtle. 7 feet long. more than 600 pound. the turtle was rescued and transferred tour of the new england aquarium. >> the stach ff says the turtle joined weight at 600 pound. and lethargic. hoping to nurse him back soon. >> the largest of the sea creatures. and the driest. >> most lethargic at the moment. >> i do not want to be the turtle. >> no. >> coming up. what our friend and colleague, robin roberts has to say about the well-wishes and prayers. >> later, tim tebow's next move. not thaw you didn't hear it all from john. moves from football to political arena. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now"
of >>> a starter brett anderson will miss the remainder of the regular season. a strike to avoid a sweep in detroit and during their rule that a triple. a's went 12-4 daily by four and one-half games over the angels. the whattya fined him $50,000, he's a former 49ers bruce bochy was showing us in the fourth from the left side of the plate for his support were one and no with that and we may have to brag about everyday >>> a pleasure to follow the team this year posey the ndp alex is a huge giants fan >>> giants and the playoffs a's an ,,,,
for sports >>> a star brett anderson will miss the remainder of the season. he suffered yesterday in detroit the a's are down 2-1 in the theft and then upset some at home run no. 14 the game is tied. this grimmer to center field austin jackson had no idea that is ruled a triple the a's win 12-for their lead in the wild card for games. alex smith prevailed the league will wear him $15,000 bruce bochy showed his support for the 49ers quarterback. in the fourth, at three run hit jack and the first time he's done yard from both sides of the plate barry zito wins his fed straight decision giants win 9- till cal plays u.s. c and lane kiffin sets the record for the fastest news conference when asked about an injury >>> will get back on track which bet that happens saturday >>> i don't know. >>> you mentioned how t.j. was plying >>> i got to go. >>> p why use rally nelson picked off and takes it to the house boise state wins 7-6 get rid of the blue field. the cameraman takes a beating i'm sure his boss said as long as the lens is ok. he lays it out the cards win 5- 4, the washington nationals beat t
wins 3-1. oakland a's increasing their wild card lead. they battered detroit pitchers in a 12-4 win. oakland is now 4 1/2 games in the race for the last post-season spot in the al. in football the new york giants got a lot of help from some super subs. andre brown with a big night for big blue. he runs for 113 yards and two touchdowns, while back up wide receiver added 123 yards. giants crushed carolina 36-7. when we return, high concept art. an apartment built 70 feet in the air all to discover christopher columbus. the air all to discover christopher columbus. [ female announcer ] we invited women to see the not so pretty truth about their body washes. i wouldn't change. [ female announcer ] this test paper was designed to react like your skin. if other body washes can strip this paper, imagine how harsh they can be to your skin. oh my gosh. [ female announcer ] new dove is different. its new breakthrough formula changes everything with the blend of gentle cleansers and nourishing nutrium moisture. so what do you think now? definitely switching to dove. [ female announcer ] this i
to start today in the corruption case against former detroit mayor kwame kilpatrick. that's expected to last about four months. >>> the president and first lady will be not view thorn and mitt romney will make and appearance on the show coming up in october. >>> the space shuttle endeavor is almost home. today it will make its way to l.a., where it will enter retirement. it will be moved from the california science center next month where it's going to be on display. >>> election day is november 6th. democrats and republicans are battling in court over controversial plans to limit early voting before election day. >>> wal-mart will no longer sell the kindle tablets and e- readers. wal-mart did say they make all merchandising choices based on their promise to sell products at low prices. >>> new child safety laws are going into effect starting october 1st. every child under 8 years old must be in a safety or booster seat. this week has been declared child passenger safety week. information stations are held and set up across the state and this is for experts to give you hands-on advic
. >>> 6:52 right now. form earn detroit mayor kwame kilpatrick is returning to the courtroom today, accused of collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes, kickbacks and other favors. >>> one texas hospital is now in a 10-year war on 8 different types of cancer, spending up to $3 billion to find treatments and cures. some include breast, prostate cancers and leukemia. >>> the president will make a rock formation in colorado a national monument. and mortgage rate haves fallen to record low levels. a new survey found the average 30-year fixed rate fell 3.49% last week. the feds announced it would buy $20 billion in mortgage backed securies each month to spur economic activity. >>> the space shuttle endeavor is scheduled to fly over northern california around 11:00 this morning, one hour later than originally planned. the last leg was delayed because of fog over san francisco. >>> that's the time of year the leaves start to chain and become brilliant shades of yellow, red and orange. if you want to find where to go, there are several apps that you can use to find the best pl
-1. oakland a's increasing their wild card lead. they battered detroit pitchers in a 12-4 win. oakland is now 4 1/2 games in the race for the last post-season spot in the al. in football the new york giants got a lot of help from some super subs. andre brown with a big night for big blue. he runs for 113 yards and two touchdowns, while back up wide receiver added 123 yards. giants crushed carolina 36-7. when we return, high concept art. an apartment built 70 feet in the air all to discover christopher columbus. [ female announcer ] we invited women to see the not so pretty truth about their body washes. i wouldn't change. [ female announcer ] this test paper was designed to react like your skin. if other body washes can strip this paper, imagine how harsh they can be to your skin. oh my gosh. [ female announcer ] new dove is different. its new breakthrough formula changes everything with the blend of gentle cleansers and nourishing nutrium moisture. so what do you think now? definitely switching to dove. [ female announcer ] this is new. this is different. this is care. >>> here's a look at t
season with an oblique muscle strain that he suffered yesterday in detroit. this is not hat trick that the a's were looking for. he joins bartolo colon and jared parker as the a's top starters who are out for the season. the question now is can actually hold on to make the playoffs? trying to avoid a sweep in detroit, prince fielder picked it up off of issues and he scored after just credit fondled a baseball. not a great play, dietrich gave it back and then some. this ring or to austin jackson lewis, two run scored, 6/3 oakland, scoring four in the sixth inning. in the ninth inning, two outs, and that is a fair ball for seth smith. smith got a home run in the game, the a's win 12/4 and they lead in that wild card by four games over the angels who play tonight. >> it is hard to put into words, you work so hard and put in so much time. >> he will be fined $15,000 if he wears that had again. today he was wearing a 49 is that before the giants' most colorado. paul blows and of all build a 40 niner but gone. and then they danced with brian wilson in the dugout, the dance must have bee
. >>> well, former detroit mayor kwame kilpatrick faces the music today. he and three others go on trial in federal court charged with using the mayor's office to enrich themselves. kilpatrick resigned his office back in 2008 because of another scandal that sent him to prison for 14 months. this trial could last four months and send him behind bars for a decade if he's convicted. >>> 16 members of an amish community in ohio have been convicted for hate crimes in a bizarre series of hair and beard-cutting attacks. federal prosecutors say that sam mullet and his followers aimed to humiliate victims over religious differences. the defendants never denied the attacks. but said they stemmed from a family feud. sentencing is scheduled for january. >> mullet, a classic last name. >> a muller, not mullet. >> florida convenience store. you might say he got a round of beer on the house. the knife-wielding man, he reached over the counter, yanked a wad of cash from the register. but he didn't get far. look at this. the clerk just grabbing a four-pack of beer, and just whipping the cans at the thief
.s bad, starter brit anderson will miss the rest of the season and the good? oakland beat detroit. and he knew the team had been struggling and that wasn't the case today, seth smith delivers a solo shot and this sr his 14th of the season. and oakland tips a lead in the 6th. there is a one lined to center field. and there is over his head for a two-run triple. there is added six more runs in the ninth. smith again, clearing base with this double down the line. smith went through for four with four rbies. there is oakland out tied with baltimore and dangers by -- ranger business three and a half in the west. cal bears at usc. the trojans not in the best of moods after getting upset last week, yesterday, lane kifen cut his interview off after 30 seconds when asked about an injured player. >> this is not something i'm going comment on. >> you mentioned how kiki was playing sort of a -- . >> here we go. >> there are policies forbidding the media from asking about injuries seen while watching practice. >> there is brendan bigelow, an amazing story. he tour an acr in his right knew and when it
's are trailing detroit. >> the oakland a's win of the then-4. make that 12-4 for this final. they're now tied with the orioles for the playoffs. >>gary: dave danceable be moving on to his 11th market in 13 years are casting the minnesota tumbrels nba games. back to more alex smith. the story around these pots, a cheap shot, it looks like it. all the ended up with was a laceration on his nose. there was no fan of the call. " horse >>gary: their raiders and the steelers. several local television, the raiders are off to such a bad start. it will be locally televised. their raiders are going to be four point underdogs. the last time they met, roethlisberger was fined $25,000. >> we have to be able to come out and play with energy, play with passion. there obviously a well coached team. >> it seems like every year or every couple of years, you know it is one to the fist fight all four quarters. >>gary: camden, just walking in a room and putting on a uniform, no one looks better than him for the new era giants as a team took apart carolina. when we come b
in the detroit area. >>> some campaign is prepared to dig romney will campaign in of the plot president obama holds the rally in virginia to a yesterday to the cameras were in florida. romney spoke with senior citizens about medicare. the presence but was college students about the cost of tuition and student loans. he also had eight an interview with his spanish network univision. >>> he can't change washington from the inside pretty college kid from the outside. >>> romney was a no time in responding to that,. >>> -change washington one of the job done from the inside and republicans and democrats will come together >>> new campaign financing report showing romney was of spin out a list of the president in august to the president obama entered the final four months of the campaign was roughly $86 million left to spend. romney with $67 million is spent the same. moscow owes $50 million of the campaign took out last month. that leaves them with the $85 million at the start of september. >>> that his report a massive damage in europe and the middle east and parts of africa. the company set is
of showers around cleveland up towards detroit. this is one reason i put the slight chance of a shower in tomorrow evening north and west of town. not downtown, but places like frederick and hagerstown and maybe even winchester could see a quick shower. in fact, here is a look at our future cast. maybe a sprinkle in hagerstown. just be advised martinsburg, maybe winchester, a quick sprinkle and that's it. nothing in the immediate metro area. i have not changed that at all. and that's the first part of the front that kind of just lags to the west of us. the rest of it goes through on saturday night. our last full day of summer is tomorrow. it's going to feel more like summer actually. a cool start and a warm finish. great for high school football pretty much across the board. you'll not need a sweatshirt if you attend the games. even warmer on saturday. i boosted the temps on saturday just a little bit. so overnight, clear to partly cloudy. not as chilly but cool. open the windows. 52 to about 60. winds out of the southeast at 10. by morning, mostly sunny and pleasant. a cool but not a
around the nation. beging statements will corruption trial of detroit mayor quantico patrick. he and three others accused of collecting hundreds of thousands in bribes, kickbacks, and other favors. .kwame kilpatrick >> american airlines passengers about itsng to worry dependability. carrier has beeno of aling flights because labor dispute. more travel headaches again for passengers amid a r dispute causing delays and of cancellations nationwide. >> it was an hour-and-a-half late. >> executives at the airline believes pilots are calling in filing crews are of maintenance reports to slow down operations an attempt to punish the for imposing cost- cutting measures as part of the bankruptcy. >> went all of a sudden you see t more people calling in more flights being canceled for mechanical reasons, r if somethingonde is going on. pilots deny they are taking against theon despite conducting atformational picketing o'hare airport. scrutiny.d up no safety has been compromised, but federal monitors are making more checks. the company plans to cut an attempt to and service reliable minimi
end here we go again but detroit beat themselves again today with more terrible defense what is austin jackson doing out there in center field? over his head, a triple and two rbis. he messed up a couple of other place to and the a's win it across the board. he is still in hospital with an irregular heartbeat about to go home tomorrow this should make him feel better. he gets five in the inning to on the double by henry rodriguez. anthony rizzo delivers here but the reds win a 5-3 they sweep the cubs at wrigley washington has done it tonight to. i cannot imagine them not coming out sunday a great opportunity to reverse the momentum bryant or lacquer didn't practice comes sunday he will be backing up the defensive line, it's been really good so far. henry has his game plan already in order. it was a rivalry game. >> if you second this time will you say hey nice to see you this time? >> i'm not mike up this time but it's going to be dirty. don't think matt forte will be ready he didn't practice today either. i think we can expect a lot of michael bush come sunday. regardless i always
early, but they came back. they lost the first two games to detroit. six runs in the top of the ninth. 12-4 oakland a's tied with baltimore for the first wild-card spot. they are four games up on the angels. again, of baltimore is the nba's tie, it will play tomorrow in a playoff game. the oakland a's are on the yankee stadium. the 49ers at minnesota on sunday. >> what jumps out at you is obviously the defensive line. >>gary: the raiders, a tough way to look for their first victory on sunday. >> they are obviously well coached team. we have to execute. >> there were some words with the roethlisberger with seymour received a 25 $25,000 fine for little business with ban at the end of a football game. tiger woods intimidated by it mcelroy? here they are in a pga tournament outside of atlanta. when we come back, one of the great tennis players in the history of australia. she is in town for a major of and. renee stubbs is here. clicker >>gary: every year there is a tournament and ran in here it is. it takes place in mill valley did one of the feature attractions, the former no. 1 dou
will miss the remainder of the regular season with that right oblique strain. they took the field in detroit for their series finale with that news. and actually had a pretty good day on the field. 4-3 game. top of the sixth. the liner to center. jackson badry missed plays. it allows seth smith and donltson to score. they take the 6-3 lead and then in the nip. seth smith, a bases clearing double to right. the a's win 12-4. to the nfl where the 49ers' biggest obstacle in minnesota might be an emotional let-down. a trip to the metro dome is not as invigorating as a season opener in lamb beau or a home field opener under the lights. but greg roman isn't worried about his team answering the bell. >> i think our guys, you know, having watched the film of this team we're about to play, understand immediately that it will take their best effort. and you know, that's week in and week out. these guys, especially when they're in that dome. they definitely, you know, it definitely plays to their strength. we're having a good week of practice. and i think our players are dialed in. >> how about this 49e
initially designed the coats to fulfill a classroom requirement while still a junior at detroit's college for creative studies. her first attempt was a heavy 20 pound coat that took 80 hours to make and according to scott, an epic failure. >> i was like the kid with the noodle picture that came up to them like mom, don't you love what i made and they're looking at me like oh, you did such a good job, but it looks like a bodybag. that was their general sentiment after. i'm like okay, well, back to the drawing board. >> scott kept at it and soon she found a supporter in an unlikely place. general motors. john bradburn manages gm's waste reduction. he heard about scott's idea and realized that a special sound absorbent insulating material used in door cavities and other parts of gm's chevrolet malibu would be perfect for her coats. >> i said what do you think of this material. i don't even think i introduced myself. but she looked at it, said this is neat, this is good. >> now gm's leftover auto scraps are helping scott keep hundreds of homeless men and women warm this winter. not only that,
muscle. good. oakland beat did he detroit to beat no and struggled first 2 games in the series and that wasn't the case and smith delivers a solo shot off sanchez. his 14th of the sen l ties at 2. oakland took the lead in the sixth. george flies with town center. austin jackson gets pulled by the a's 6 3 on to. added 6 more runs in the 9th. smith clears the base was the double down the line. smith went 3 for 4 with 4 rbi. 12 4 is the title. 4 games in the west. on thursday night football the giants at carolina on their mind. new york was missing 3 starters on offense but had no trouble with the panthers. whoever said being a cameraman is easy never shot a football game from the side line. look out. brad shaw out with a neck injury. brown stepped in and did just fine. ran for 113 yards and pair of touch downs. while newton threw 3 interception. he connected with him until today 36 to receive victory. >> cal bears at usc this saturday. trojan not in the best of mood after guest upset by stanford last week. yesterday head coach ended post practice interview after
that sweep in detroit yesterday. and set smashed. a double. and 12-4. the a's will start against the yankees tonight. we are going to take a break. 4:52 let us take a look at a beautiful vantage point set up with anticipating the endeavor. probably around 9:30 a.m. and just by going outside to in to kron 4 with coverage all over the bay area. as its historic last flight before the museum and a southern california >> welcome back with the latest on top news pop news. >> some comments made by paris held and are causing a stir. the new york cabdriver said that she was apparently ga riding apparentlyy model offers discreet connections with cavemen. and she said that most of those-- gay men.. could probably have aids.. however, she did not mean to be derogatory toward the emeline's chief loha-lindsae into a hotel parking lot. the nypd says the the alleged victim was standing in front of the vehicle. the person moved to the side in this letter seen walking. the attorney denies the claim. was later seen walking. and there was apparent that there was no accident. jessica simpson posted her new child
completed the four game sweep of the rockies 9-2. in detroit, a's managed to salvage their finale against the tigers. in the 9th the a's blew the game open, smith hit a bases load double, oakland cruised to a 12-4 victory a's tide with baltimore for wild card lead trail rangers by four games in the west. a's open weekend series in new york against the yankees tonight. >>> soccer game turns an explosive turn after a grenade nearly blows up in a player's hand. it happened in iran. you can see the player in the yellow on the far left picking up a black device, tossing it off the field, moments later it blows up. explosion rattles the player, certainly, narrowly escapes lose a limb if not his life, amazingly nobody was hurt. whoever threw that explosive, remains at large. >>> violent encounter in the mission district sparks roving protest. next we are live with the vandal. that hit a police station. >>> bay area braces for fundraising swings from both presidential candidate. wait until you hear how much they've already spent to get your vote. >>> forced day off. why hundreds of >> good mornin
peaceful demonstrations. the corruption trial against former detroit mayor is underway, and a prosecutor says phil patrick conspire with his father to turn city hall into bribes. they say the case is a scam. the space shuttle it on a sightseeing tour of california. the shuttle due to fly over landmarks like the state capitol and the golden gate bridge before landing in los angeles where its final home is a science museum. those are your news headlines on the fox business network. now we head back to lori. lori: many thanks. so nostalgic, that space shuttle. talking dividend stocks. investors face a major tax hike if we fall over the cliff. if congress does nothing, the dividend tax rates jump from 15% to 39.6%. will that be the death of devra davis -- dividend income? you say no begin the rate of the increase of the dividends? >> correct. thank you for having me, lori. i don't think we're going to see any problem with dividends at all. one, there's no historical precedent that shows that stocks under perform, especially dividend paying stocks underpimple in higher tax environments, but t
detroit michigan, a man that had so much vision in recognizing that not only were our roots from africa, but africa had to be a player on the world scene. he mentored me, and together with of the members that were there under my predecessor, the late and they break adam clayton powell, we, four of us, became the congressional black caucus. we did not get together just because we were men and women of color. we get together because we recognize that we were coming together with a vision of strength, our votes that something. we wanted to tell everybody, no matter where they left that whether or not they had a member of color it did not matter because we took the responsibility of this big for them wherever there were. can you imagine it to the years the 13 crew of 26 iraq another ten years, 42. forty-three. now the congressional black caucus is the largest carcass that we have in the house of representatives. >> among our members of. >> with all of the struggles that we suffered in the civil rights movement, all of them marching and praying and dying that people had done for us, please,
will have to wear gloves and also a mask. >>> the corruption trial of detroit's former mayor underway now. the case against kwame kilpatrick has been ten years in the making. prosecutors say he conspired with his best friend and his dad to turn city hall into a den of bribes and kickbacks. they say pil patrick used this to fund his luxurious lifestyle. if convicted, he faces up to 30 years in prison. >>> the anti-muslim video that's touched off protests across the middle east, well, it can stay on the web. at least it can for now because a california judge has denied an initial request to have the movie trailer taken off the internet. cindy lee garcia, there you see her there, she's an actress in the film, asks the court to order its removal. she says she was duped into her role and has gotten death threats because of it. >>> now back to this. you can thank me for these pictures. i want to see them again. there's endeavour taking the piggyback ride, and the reason i wanted you to see this. this was just moments ago during our break. endeavour taking that biggy pac ride, and it went right
of a series against the detroit tigers. a home run and four runs routed the tigers 12 to 4. also learned starting brett anderson will be sidelined the rest of the season with an oblique injury. now with baltimore for the wild card spot. san francisco giants meanwhile got a big lift from the panda. sand value hit two home runs. the giants beat the colorado rockies 9 to 2. produced their magic no. 2 the national league. . >>> talk about risking life and limb. quick thinking saved a life but left a he row hospitalized. some good news about his recovery. and lots of people will be looking sky warde tomorrow for the endeavour's fly by. our chief meteorologist bill martin will tell us what you can expect to see in the sky. >>> and if you're on the go or away from tv you can watch ktvu news cast live on your computer, smart phone, or tab let. get the app or go to . >>> a quick thinking police officer in texas is being called a he ro as he pushes a woman out of the way of an oncoming car. police say the officer was investigating a minor accident last week when a suspected drunk driver r
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